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Here is the Epilogue of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me”…

Sorry it took so long to get uploaded, but life happens and there is not enough time in the day. Thanks for sticking through this whole story.  I appreciate you all reading it.  I’m gonna be sad not being able to write about these characters anymore.  It was fun though.  Thank you all for reading.  I had so much fun writing this epilogue and I hope you all enjoy it. If you want to relive the story or catch up here are the other chapters:Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me Chapters 1-30 


It has been a couple of months since Gia and Alexia made Kendall’s house their permanent home.  The move has been pretty painless with only a few normal moving adjustments.  Right now, Gia just picked up Alexia from her new school, and was ready to drive away until Alexia spoke up. 

“Mommy…daddy told me to give this to you right when I get to the car,” Alexia giggled while handing Gia an envelope. 

Gia turned around to look at Alexia, “What is this for?”

Alexia shook her head and chuckled lightly, “I don’t know mommy.”

Gia took the envelope and examined it before opening it.  She opened it carefully, took out the note, and started reading:

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Chapter 30 of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me” is finally here…

Thank you for waiting sooooo very long for this chapter.  I hope I deliver with the chapter, and don’t disappoint.  I also want to say thank you for reading my story.  I started writing it with no intention of posting it, but I’m glad I did.  It was a great outlet for my over-imaginative brain.  I love all my readers.  You all are great, and thanks for sticking by my little ol’ story.  I hope you all enjoy this chapter.  FYI…I am currently writing an epilogue for the story.  So early next week it should be up.  Thanks again for reading.  If you need to read the old chapters go here:Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me Chapters 1-29  


Chapter 30

The year seemed to be going by slower than usual.  They were only four months in and now Kendall was on his way to start a three month tour.  Gia and Alexia went to Kendall’s to see him off.  Alexia was attempting to help him pack up last minute things in his bag, while Gia sat cross legged on his bed and watched them.  As Gia sat there, she couldn’t help but remember the last time she saw Kendall leave for tour.  Only this time he was trying to stuff Alexia in his duffle bag.  Alexia’s laughter rang out through the room and Gia couldn’t help but laugh.

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Finally, Chapter 29 of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me”…

Thanks for your patience with me and this chapter.  It took me much longer than I expected.  Here it is finally!  Sadly there is only one more chapter left and I’m really bummed about it.  I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later, but I’ll sulk about that when the time comes.  haha.  Until then, I hope you enjoy this chapter.  Here are the previous chapters: Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me Chapters 1-28 


Chapter 29

Since Gianna and Kendall became a couple again they’ve seen a lot of each other.  Kendall was at Gia’s house almost every week, and Gia and Alexia went to Kendall’s on many weekends.  Gia even took some vacation days for an extended stay with Kendall.  This weekend they were going to visit Kendall and have a little summer party with everyone.  Gia and Alexia were almost at Kendall’s house when Gia’s cell phone rang. 

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Here it is! Chapter 28 of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me”…

This took me longer than I anticipated, due to me being super busy and life being lame.  I finally finished it though, and I hope you all like it.  There will be only 2 chapters left after this one. :-(  Thanks for reading!  Here is the link for previous chapters:Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me Chapters 1-27  


Chapter 28

The sun peaked through the curtains, which made Gia’s eyes flutter open.  A huge smile was plastered on her face as she remembered everything that happened yesterday.  Now she was cuddled up in her bed with Kendall, and she couldn’t feel any happier.  Gia snuggled in closer to Kendall’s bare chest and aimlessly traced patterns on his abdomen with her fingers.  She heard Kendall groan and he pulled her closer to him.  Kendall rubbed his hand up and down her back.  This made Gia lift her head and lean her chin on his chest so she could look at him.  Kendall looked peaceful and cute with his hair a mess on the top of his head.  His eyes were closed, but there was a trace of a smile on his lips which meant he was awake. 

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Here it is Chapter 27 of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me”…

Hopefully if your watching the Oscars you take a break and read it!  haha.  I hope you all like it.  I love your feedback.  Let me know what you think.  As always here is the link the the previous chapters:Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me Chapters 1-26 

Chapter 27

Gia went upstairs and put together a bag for Alexia.  She left Kendall downstairs to figure out where they were going on their date. After Gia got Alexia’s things together she made a pit stop to her room.  She wanted to freshen up and maybe change before their date.  While Kendall was downstairs, he wondered what was taking Gia so long.  He decided to go upstairs and find out.  Kendall went to Alexia’s room first, but found it empty.  Gia’s bedroom was the next room he went to try.  Kendall stood outside the door and debated if he should knock or just walk in.  Gia heard a light knock on the door, “Gia, you in there?”

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Here it is…Chapter 26 of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me”

I hope you all enjoy it.  I had trouble with figuring out how to end the chapter without it sounding so final.  I hope I succeeded.  I love your feedback as always.  Thanks so much for reading!  Here’s the link to the previous chapters: Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me 1-25  


Chapter 26

The rest of the week was going great.  Kendall was making Gia’s life easier by handling most of the responsibilities that go with taking care of Alexia.  Gia was going to miss that when he went home.  The talk with Kendall hasn’t happened yet, but Gia wasn’t letting him leave until the two of them sat and talked.  It was Friday, and Gia was on her way home from her short day at work.  Gia was glad this work week was over, because work has been hell.  Gia pulled up in the driveway, and then made her way inside.  She stepped in the house and heard Kendall singing.  Gia smiled at the sound, and went to find what room it was coming from.  She followed his voice and ended up in the kitchen.  Gia leaned on the wall in the kitchen entrance watching and listening to Kendall.  Kendall finally turned around and locked eyes with Gia.  The singing stopped as he spotted her.

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Chapter 25 of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me” is here…

I hope you all enjoy it.  Thanks for waiting for it.  Thank you all for still reading it.  Again if u missed any chapters here is the link: Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me 1-24image


“Lani!  You’ll never believe what happened,” Gia said with a big smile on her face.  Gia called Alani after Kendall left.  She needed to share what happened during the weekend with Kendall. 

“Oh no!  What happened with baby daddy Kendall?” Alani asked laughing.  Gia told Alani what happened during the weekend.  “And you didn’t kiss him back,” Alani asked curiously after Gia was done talking.

Gia rolled her eyes, “No…I wanted to, but I resisted.  We need to talk before I commit to making out with him.”  Gia ran a hand over her face, “He has to be feeling the same way, or at least close to the same way I feel.”  “He called me pretty girl.  He hasn’t called me that since he’s come back.  That has to mean something,” Gia said laying her head back on the couch.

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Chapter 24 of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me” is here…

I’m glad this one didn’t take me as long to write.  I really liked writing this chapter, so I hope you like reading it.  Let me know what you think about.  I love your feedback.  As always here are the previous chapters:Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me 1-23  Thanks so much for reading!  Enjoy!  :)


Chapter 24

It’s been three months since Kendall has been back.  There has been a lot of back and forth with travelling.  Once, Alexia even stayed with Kendall for a whole four day weekend, since Gianna had to work.  Kendall was set to come over to Gia’s house, but Alexia got sick.  Gia didn’t know if Kendall still wanted to come, but when she asked him, he was more than willing to still come and help take care of Alexia.  Gia just came downstairs from checking on Alexia, who was sleeping soundly in her bed.  Just when she got comfortable on the couch, there was a knock at the door. 

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Chapter 23 of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me”… FINALLY!

So, the chapter is finally finished. I started writing and had to scrap the first half of the chapter, because it was crap.  So, I rewrote everything and now I’m finally done.  Thanks for being patient, and for hanging with the story.  I think I still have a few more chapters I can get out of the story.  I don’t want to quit writing it.  :(  Anyways, I love your feedback.  Here is the link to all the previous chapters: Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me 1-22  Thanks for reading!


Chapter 23

Today was the Saturday of the get together.  Alexia and Gia got in town yesterday, and were staying with Alani and James for the weekend.  Kendall came over last night and hung out with Alexia all night.  She had a ball with James and Kendall, since they are two overgrown kids themselves.  Now James, Alani, Gia, and Alexia were on their way to Kendall’s family’s house.  Gia was in the front seat staring out the window.  She was suddenly feeling nervous about this whole get together.  Gia didn’t know if it was because she was on Kendall’s turf now, or because she was being confronted by a part of her life that she tried to forget.  It was too late to dwell on the reasons why, because they pulled up in front of the house.  Gia sat in a trance staring out the window, as the rest of them got out of the car.  A knock on her window brought Gia out of her trance.  Gia sighed and got out of the car. 

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Chapter 22 of “Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me” is finally finished…

This chapter took waaaay to long to finish.  It had to do with multiple factors.  I also was gonna combine two parts to this chapter, but it would’ve been way too long.  So it’s getting made into Chapter 23.  I hope you all enjoy this chapter.  Thanks for sticking with the delay.  I love your feedback.  Here is the link to the previous chapters:Don’t Lose Your Faith In Me 1-21


Chapter 22

The weekend has been great and confusing all at the same time.  Great, because Alexia was loving every minute of it.  Gia loved to see Alexia happy and excited.  She also loved that Alexia and Kendall were so great together.  Confusing, because having Kendall back made Gia’s emotions go every which way.  Her head and heart were constantly battling since that day in the park.  Today was Sunday, which means it was the last day of Kendall’s three day visit.  He was leaving later that night so he was just coming to Gia’s house for lunch and to visit Alexia before he left.  Gia was in the kitchen making lunch, when the doorbell rang.  Alexia hopped off the couch and ran to the door. 

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